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S6 Induction Days

Day Two took place in the school hall.Our trainning days set high expections for all S6 students

Published by Mr Macdonald
Thursday 11 June 2015

Sixth Year pupils of Castle Douglas High School met for two induction days recently. The first day was held in the local Town Hall and was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Castle Douglas. The purpose of the day was to encourage the young people to work together on a wide variety of tasks which were designed to allow them to display their leadership skills while also interacting with others and further enhancing their communication skills.

These tasks were entertaining in execution but also allowed the young people to meet and bond beyond their habitual friendship groups: all were fully engaged in the activities and all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The second induction day began with a keynote address from Duncan McConchie of Laggan Outdoor, one of the region’s’ most successful businesses. He spoke of how he had availed himself of every opportunity he could to make his business thrive and that he did not allow problems to become insurmountable obstacles. This presentation was a highlight for many young people as the entrepreneurial spirit shown by Mr McConchie was incredibly inspirational.

The wide range of opportunities available to the Sixth Year pupils was explored: as well as seeking to achieve success in SQA courses, the emphasis for the pupils was also about how they needed to develop skills which employers would recognise and about how the school, at the heart of the local community, should be reaching out to the community to work with others. A programme of opportunities was issued and many young people have signed up to all that was on offer, including: working in local primaries; visiting the elderly and the ill in the community; volunteering both at home and abroad; helping in junior classes; taking part in the Young Enterprise Scheme; studying at University level through the Open University; helping younger readers with the Paired Reading scheme; leading small groups to manage the school radio station; helping staff to supervise at lunchtimes and supporting work in the School Library. Many more activities are on offer and these will allow young people to be certified for an  SQA Award in Leadership or the successful acquisition of a Saltire Award.

A reflective audit was undertaken, allowing the young people to consider the skills they had at the moment but also to think about new skills essential for further personal development; this will be the focus of further reflection as the term progresses.

Overall, the two days were considered to be very successful by both pupils and staff, paving the way for another successful year for the Sixth Year pupils of Castle Douglas High School.

Day One took place in the town hall. Three of our S6 pupils.