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IFS Student Investor Challenge

S4 students impress in IFS Investment Challenge

Mr Macdonald presents certificates to “Wall Street Banter” and the winning teacher, Mr Lee.Five teams and two teachers participated in the national IFS Student Investor Challenge competition this year.  Competitors invested a virtual £100,000 in a portfolio of shares over a 3 month period.  Teams utilised their Numeracy, Enterprise and Business skills to buy and sell stocks - taking the economic environment, industry trends and company information into consideration.  Mrs Mitchell and Mr Lee ran the game at lunchtimes.  Mr Macdonald presented certificates to the winning team and Mr Lee, the winning teacher.  The winners were “Wall Street Banter” (pictured).

Feedback from the pupils showed that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and gained many skills from taking part. Daniel Durham, who had previously taken part, stated that he had a better experience than last year and Peter Henry added, “I learned more about how the stock market works and our teamwork improved a lot this year”. John McQueen detailed that he learned how not to handle money and that he enjoyed taking part. They agreed that the prize of winning a trip to New York was a good incentive to keep in mind when their stocks took a dip and that it was a positive experience, “It’s good to have on a CV because it has demonstrated our ability to work effectively as a team and improved our knowledge of shares and trading”. The boys, along with Piper Booth, were known as “The Lads and Piper” were ranked 5th in the school.

Hannah Daly, Rhianna White, Charlotte Mitchell, Daisy McClure took part as The Valkyries and said “Good numeracy skills are needed to play the Stock Market Challenge. We chose our portfolio at the start because all the shares were going up. When a company’s share value was going down by a large percentage, we sold them. We enjoyed the game, and would enter the competition again next year”.

The winning team, comprising of four boys, also highlighted their experience of the Challenge. Stewart Kempsell described how he learned how easy it was to lose money in the stock market. John Gilderdale-Smith said, “It was fun trying to predict what would happen with the stocks and I think we got better towards the end; it has made me think about how I would invest real money”. Julek Manowski explained, “It was good fun to have the competition between the pupils and I liked how you could log in to see where your team ranked in the school”. The boys had to learn to compromise with each other when different team members disagreed on their investment decisions. The three boys along with Connor Smith won overall as “Wall Street Banter”.

Mr Lee said, “I am thrilled that our pupils have taken the opportunity to take part in the Investor Challenge. The participants were dedicated and willing to give up their lunch times to work on the project, which is a credit to themselves and the school. The chance of going to New York was a great incentive; however, for many of the pupils it was more a case of ensuring that they beat the other teams! As a new teacher to Castle Douglas High School, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the pupils on this challenge and I hope that it has given the pupils an insight of what it may be like to take up a career in this field. Well done team!”

Published Monday 10 February 2014 by Mr Macdonald
Updated Wednesday 26 March 2014 by Mr Macdonald