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Young Technologists Competition

Four second year pupils took part in the competition.Our partnership with the town’s Rotary Club continues to flourish.

Published by Mr Macdonald
Wednesday 19 March 2014

Four Second Year pupils took part in the junior round of the Rotary Club’s annual “Young Technologist of the Year” competition, travelling to Douglas Ewart High School in Newton Stewart for the event with Mr Stephen Courten, Principal Teacher of Technology and Expressive Arts.

Entrants were supplied with a variety of materials, such as wood, elastic bands and string, along with a few hand tools. The task they were given was to find a means of extracting a tennis ball from a box but they had to imagine that this was a meteor which had to be removed without any direct contact. 

This allowed the pupils to combine their creative skills with practical problem solving skills: the Castle Douglas pupils designed large pincers which could close round the “meteor” and allow it to be moved safely. Pupils also had to create a portfolio in which their ideas and their planning were explained: this included a breakdown of their team-working skills as well. 

Five hours was spent on working through all aspects of the project prior to the judging process and the Castle Douglas High School team was awarded first place among the four local secondary schools taking part in the competition.

Hannah Francis, one of the enthusiastic participants, said, “This was really enjoyable and it was a great chance to meet people from other schools as well as a good opportunity to work in a team with my friends. I learned some new skills that day and would recommend that others should become involved if it were to be organised in the future.”

Pupils designed large pincers which could close round the “meteor” and allow it to be moved safely.