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Charities Week 2014

Prentice Baines, Margaret Flanagan (Mary’s Meals), Mirin Benzie and Gerry DonnellyCastle Douglas High School support Mary's Meals and Alzheimers Scotland as part of Charities Week

Published by Mr Macdonald
Friday 23 January 2015

During the last week of December, Castle Douglas High School hosted their annual Charities Week. Before Christmas, after much consideration, it was decided that any  money raised should go towards the following two charities: Mary’s Meals and Alzheimers Scotland.

The charities were picked for a variety of reasons.  Mary’s Meals were selected because pupils especially wanted to pick a charity which helped children in poorer countries get an education by providing food in a learning environment. Mary’s Meals provides meals to chronically hungry school children in poorer countries.  It gives the incentive for children to go to school as a result, and it is particularly revolutionary for girls who are not usually encouraged to go to school.  Alzheimers Scotland was also chosen because of the rising awareness of dementia. In their own extended families, many of the pupils have been touched by the disastrous effects of deteriorating mental health and particularly dementia.  It is haunting to realise that dementia could affect anyone at any age.

The week of fundraising consisted of many fun and challenging events such as sporting activities throughout the week, bake sales and home-made jewellery was put on sale. Pupils from all age groups in the school, and teachers, participated in the activities. A non-uniform day was also held.  It was with great pride and pleasure that the school was able to reveal that the sum of £1000 had been raised.  At recent assemblies, representatives from each charity collected the cheques and thanked all the pupils and staff for their efforts.

Prentice Baines, Shona Sneddon from Altzheimers Scotland, Mirin Benzie and Gerry Donnelly