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Curriculum for Excellence Implementation

Castle Douglas High SchoolPublished on Wednesday 14 May 2014

A Curriculum for Excellence is the transformation in Scottish Education providing a cohesive curriculum for children from the age of 3 to 18. Designed to reflect the National priorities of building a fairer, greener, safer, stronger, healthier and wealthier Scotland, the curriculum provides more flexible and enriched learner experiences.

The curriculum is made up of experiences and outcomes from Early Level to Fourth level, sometimes described as a 'road map' for Scottish schools. It is designed to enable children to follow curricular pathways suited to their needs, allowing them to develop skills for learning and life.

At Secondary level, there are two phases of a Curriculum for Excellence: the Broad General Education for pupils in S1 to S3, and the Senior Phase S4 to S6. Currently, pupils following the Broad General Education (or BGE) are working through Experiences and Outcomes from Levels 2 to 4. Pupils in the Senior Phase are following new National Courses, National 4 or National 5, or Higher Still: Intermediate 1, 2 and Higher. CDHS also provides courses in Advanced Highers. Please note, courses are also offered at National 2 and 3 in S4.

Castle Douglas High School prides itself on being able to offer a very broad curriculum to meet the needs of all learners. In addition to the core subjects, the school also provides for example courses in Drama, Childcare and Spanish.

The Curriculum for Excellence also promotes three over-arching themes of Numeracy, Literacy and Health and Well-being and the three areas are integral to the life of the school. Every teacher, across departments, is responsible for embedding those themes into their learning and teaching, so, for example, an English teacher might teach Health and Well-being through the study of an issue such as Obesity in a Discursive Writing Unit. The school also embeds the cross-cutting themes through events like 'Literacy Week' which took place recently.

Furthermore, during Personal Support time which takes place every morning, pupils are encouraged to set targets for Health and Well-being, as well as Learning targets and Personal targets. All target-setting is designed to focus on (and celebrate) achievement, and in this way a healthy attitude to learning and health and well-being is nurtured in every child.

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