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Health and Safety

Castle Douglas High SchoolPublished on Thursday 15 May 2014

Data Protection

Your child’s personal data will be held by the school. All personal data is held on our secure school management information system. We will ensure that the information we hold is accurate and up to date and each year you will be sent an Update Form detailing the information held by the school for you to check and update as required. Access to the school management information system is by individual user and is password protected. Furthermore, access to confidential data is restricted to staff in school as appropriate.

Emergency Procedures

If your child feels ill during the school day and we feel that he/she would be better at home, we will telephone you or your emergency contact. Minor accidents, e.g. cuts, bruises, are dealt with by the school staff. Serious accidents are few, but should one occur your child will be immediately taken either to your doctor or to hospital, if necessary, and you or your emergency contact will be notified. We cannot stress enough the importance of supplying the school with the relevant information we require in such a situation, i.e. your own home and work number and a telephone number of an emergency contact. Please remember that if your child stays in more than one home setting contact details should take account of this.

We will request such information at the beginning of each new school year. Please update this as necessary.

Employment of Pupils

If a school is notified by a pupil that they intend to take up part-time employment and that this employment falls within the terms as set out in “Part-time Employment: A Young Person’s Guidelines”; there are procedures for schools to follow. These procedures are detailed within "Part-Time Employment of Pupils — Procedures for Secondary Schools" which is available from the school or on the Council Website.

Health Care

Education Services is committed to ensuring that all children are able to fully participate in the life of the school. Many children will require their health care needs to be met at sometime within the nursery/school environment, for most children this will be for short periods of time only but for some children this may require more long term planning and support. If your child has any health care needs please contact the school to discuss arrangements. Full details of the support available and your role as a parent and the role of your child are contained within the policy Health Care in Schools 3-18 (2013) which is available from the school or on the Council website.

Images of Pupils

The school does use photographs to provide a record of events and it is possible that photographs may appear in local papers or media. The authority has a policy on the use of images of pupils. You will be asked to read this when your child enrols and to clarify your consent with regard to the publication of images of your child.

Leaving School Premises

S1 pupils must remain on school grounds at lunchtimes unless written permission is received from parents/carers; attendance guidelines detailed elsewhere should be followed. 

Severe Weather and School Closure Arrangements

Head Teachers are authorised to make an emergency closure when the state of the weather or any other exceptional circumstance make it absolutely necessary in the best interests of the pupils. In these circumstances parents will be communicated with in a variety of ways including text messages / phone calls and emergency contact arrangements.

All school closures will be notified on the Council Website.

Use of Internet

As part of the whole learning process we allow our children supervised access to the Internet and e-mail. The authority runs its own filter system to ensure that young people are not at risk from exposure to inappropriate material. This filtering system is regularly being upgraded. We have a policy for use of the Internet and a contract for responsible use, which we ask parents and young people to sign up to.