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Uniform Policy

Castle Douglas High SchoolPublished on Sunday 26th January 2014

School Uniform

Following a consultation process with pupils, staff, parents and all other interested agencies, school uniform was changed in line with the results of that survey.

For all pupils, a white shirt with the appropriate house tie should be worn, along with black trousers or skirt and black shoes. Each house tie has the traditional set of gold stripes on a black background, but with a counter stripe in red for Threave, blue for Kelton and green for Solway.

Parents, Carers and Staff should note the following:

  • Denim jackets, shirts and jeans are not allowed.
  • Clothing which displays offensive words or diagrams should not be worn.
  • Sporting slogans are not permitted.
  • Necklines and hemlines on girls' uniforms must be appropriate for a school environment.
  • Jumpers can be worn: these should be black V-necks without logos or patterns.
  • Outdoor jackets, hats and scarves cannot be worn in class and must be removed; hats cannot be worn indoors at all.

PE Kit

  • A change of clothing must be provided for PE consisting of:
  • Round-necked tee shirt or round-necked sports top
  • Shorts, tracksuit trousers
  • Sports socks
  • Change of trainers (not black-soled)
  • Towel

Pupils must also bring suitable clothing to go outside in cold weather.

Council Policy

There is clear advice from Dumfries and Galloway Council and Health and Safety Organisations regarding what is appropriate clothing for pupils in school.

Consultation had taken place with School Boards and Parent Teacher Associations within Dumfries and Galloway and schools are encouraged to ensure that pupils dress for school in a way which is inexpensive, practical, hard-wearing and appropriate for the work to be done in school. After due warning, if pupils continue to wear clothing that creates health and safety issues, then the Education Authority, through its disciplinary policy, reserves the right to exclude a pupil from school.

The Education Authority suggests that the following categories of clothing should not be allowed, including those that:

  • encourage factions (e.g. football colours)
  • cause offence (e.g. anti-religious or political slogans)
  • carry advertising, especially for alcohol or tobacco
  • cause health and safety issues (e.g. loose fitting clothing, dangling ear-rings, nose rings etc
  • cause damage to flooring
  • could be used to inflict damage on other pupil
  • are of flammable materials which may be a danger in certain classes

Clothing Grants

Parents in receipt of a grant for footwear and clothing from the authority will be encouraged to purchase items which are in accordance with the school dress code.

Guidance is available on Clothing Grants from Pupil / Parent Support Unit. While it would not normally be the policy of the authority to exclude a pupil from school solely on the basis of his/her dress, persistent refusal to respond to a reasonable dress code could be deemed to be a challenge to the Head Teacher’s authority and thus be detrimental to the well-being of the whole school community. In such circumstances, a Head Teacher could justify the use of the school disciplinary procedures.


All school books and jotters should be covered for protection and clearly marked with the pupil’s name and class. Clothes and schoolbag should be clearly marked with pupil’s name. Valuables such as jewellery and large sums of money should not be brought into school. During PE, money, jewellery etc. should be left with the teacher, not left in pockets or bags in the cloakroom.

There are some lockers available to pupils for a deposit of £5 per year of which £3 is returnable.