Castle Douglas High School

Achievement, Respect, Unity

Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Castle Douglas High SchoolPublished on Wednesday 14 May 2014

Pupils are expected to behave in a manner which allows the school to meet the aims outlines on the Aims and Vision page.

All pupils are expected to attend regularly and to be punctual and well-prepared for class. Frequent absence, lateness or persistent failure to complete tasks given as homework will be discussed with parents in order to achieve a resolution to the problem.

Staff monitor the attendance, academic performance and behaviour of each pupil carefully and the policy is one of early intervention which involves working in partnership with parents and perhaps relevant support agencies as well. The exact nature of this intervention depends on the issue to be addressed.

The school’s policy of social inclusion means that it is always a last resort to exclude a pupil; there is an isolation unit in which pupils can be placed away from their mainstream classes for a short while and this allows both pupils and staff the opportunity to address the issues which may have led to inappropriate behaviour in the first place.

In serious cases of unacceptable behaviour, pupils may be excluded from school for a period of time and will only be readmitted following full discussion between school and home regarding the exclusion and the way forward.

If there are issues of particular seriousness, a referral can be made to the School Review Group (SRG) or Area Review Group (ARG), inter-agency groups consisting of senior school staff and representatives from Social Work, Attendance Liaison, Psychological Services and Community Health. Pupils who have been excluded from school, or who are considered to be at risk of exclusion are referred to this group automatically.

School Rules

Most pupils use their common sense and show respect for others and their surroundings as a matter of course. The rules for the school offer sound advice to pupils regarding the way in which they conduct themselves on school premises. They are designed as a safety measure and to ensure that respect for the school environment is a priority for everyone.

In class (as displayed in the classroom code):

  • Pupils should be punctual
  • Pupils should be aware that it is their responsibility to bring the correct equipment
  • Pupils should have good manners at all times
  • Outdoor clothing should not be worn
  • Eating is not allowed especially chewing gum
  • School property should be respected at all times
  • Mobile phones and music players should be switched off during class time, including study classes
  • Only water should be consumed in class.

In the corridor:

  • Pupils should keep left in corridors
  • Pupils should adhere to the one way system on the stairs and use appropriate entry and exit doors
  • Pupils lining up outside classrooms must do so in a sensible fashion
  • Pupils must never run or barge into other pupils.

In the environment:

  • Pupils should arrive at school before 9.00 a.m. and they may not leave the school grounds at interval without permission
  • Pupils should not smoke in school or its immediate environment
  • Pupils should use litter bins in school and along Dunmuir Road
  • The consumption of food should be confined to the ground floor of the school and wherever possible within the confines of the cafeteria
  • Bags should be left in classrooms over lunchtime and pupils should be aware that they cannot access them until the end of the lunch break
  • Pupils should not go on the road side of the safety barriers, especially those pupils waiting for buses.