Castle Douglas High School

Achievement, Respect, Unity

Positive Behaviour and Celebrating Success

Castle Douglas High SchoolPublished on Monday 19 May 2014

We celebrate the achievements of our pupils in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • House Assemblies once a term afford the opportunity for pupils to deliver presentations or to talk about their achievements outwith school
  • Staff at these assemblies will announce pupil achievements
  • The awarding of certificates for merit awards is made at such assemblies
  • Each House has a notice board on which achievement is celebrated
  • Notice boards around the school are used for this as well;
  • Letters and postcards are sent home to celebrate in-school achievements;
  • The school newsletter contains House news regarding pupil achievement;
  • The local press prints our news and details our successes.
  • The House Council system allows pupils to share details of their success
  • The Personal Learning Plan completed in the Personal Support class records achievement.

Merits and Demerits

This system which allows staff to award “merits” has clear categories outlined within it as to why pupils should be given a merit point. We are very keen to reward the good behaviour and attitude of all our pupils, especially those who always work hard, who always contribute effectively and who make a positive contribution to the working life of the school.

While the emphasis in this system is about being positive, there is another area which allows staff to record “Demerits”; this will be used to build up a clearer picture within the school of areas in which individual pupils can make improvements. This, too, may be taken into account when activities are offered at the end of term but this is still in the planning stage. What it does do is allow Pupil Support staff to monitor pupil behaviour more easily and may help them to intervene when issues arise.