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Bugsy Malone PosterUpdated on Friday 11 July 2014

Bugsy Malone
Tuesday 17th - Friday 20th June 2014

Bugsy is a classic musical featuring kid gangsters, splurge guns and well known songs including ‘My Name is Tallulah’ and ‘You Give a Little Love’. The story is based in New York around Bugsy Malone, a freelance boxing manager, who gets caught up in Mob warfare between two rival gang leaders, Fat Sam and Dandy Dan. In the midst of all the splurging, Bugsy is fighting for the heart of singer Blousey Brown and at the same time fending off affection from dancehall girl Tallulah.

The cast of Bugsy Malone included young people from across the School:

Bugsy Malone: Chiaras Wyatt (S6)

Blousey Brown: Bethan Murray (S4) / Amber Scott (S6)

Tallulah: Eve Francis (S4) / Ciara McMorran (S4)

Fat Sam: Rory Kempsell (S6)

Dandy Dan: John McQueen (S4)

Fizzy: Poppy Drysdale (S1) / Michael Syme (S2)


Once again Castle Douglas High School pupils and staff have put on an excellent show. This year ‘Bugsy Malone’ has drawn capacity crowds of parents, pupils and the local community to the Fullarton Theatre. It is wonderful to see the team effort that goes into creating such a production with pupils of all age ranges and abilities, staff at the school and the theatre coming together to make a memorable evening.

Rory Kempsell and Ciaras Wyatt gave strong performances with very convincing Bronx accents maintained throughout. Fat Sam’s hapless hoodlums were the perfect foil for Rory’s energetic and dynamic delivery. Ciaras’ eponymous Bugsy gave a wry overview of the tension between rival gangs. There was also an entertaining cameo by John Gilderdale-Smith as the Italian violin-playing waiter. Other strong solo performances were given by John McQueen as a suave Dandy Dan, who really looked the part, and Owen Young who gave a small but solid performance with a strong, mellow singing voice as the boxing coach, Cagey Joe.

With such a wealth of talent now available at the High School, the show was able to double cast a number of lead roles. Amber Scott and Bethan Murray, as Blousey Brown, undertook a demanding role with three solos. They both made the character their own with an assured and confident performance from Amber and a modest and delicate portrayal from Bethan. Two of the younger members of the cast took on the part of Fizzy: Poppy Drysdale’s touching solo and tap performance was also a highlight of the evening and Michael Syme produced a very strong acting performance. Tallulah’s solo sung by Chiara McMorran and Eve Francis was provocative and defiant; both emphatically captured Tallulah’s flirtatious nature and sharp tongue. And we cannot forget the vibrant and sparkling energy brought to the stage by the chorus who lifted the performance with their enthusiasm and polished dance routines.

The overall pace of the performance was lively and vibrant. This gives added poignancy to the themes of greed and violence and the tragedy of missed opportunities.

All in all, a truly wonderful and memorable show.

Review by Mrs Cawood, June 2014