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Work Experience

Castle Douglas High SchoolPublished on 24th May 2014

‘Ensuring our young people have the opportunity to realise their potential ... by developing their skills, knowledge and positive attitudes, we’ll help them to become effective citizens, employees and employers, which will contribute to a prosperous future for them as individuals and for Scotland as a nation.’ 

Alan Wilson
Chief Executive Scottish Council for Development and Industry

Castle Douglas High School’s vocational learning policy aims to ensure that pupils’ develop an awareness of work and the skills and attitude which young people need to acquire and develop in order to be successful in the workplace. It aims to prepare young people for work and lifelong learning through motivation and interest in enterprising opportunities, vocational courses, work based learning and career education.

The programme will take account of the core qualities and competencies that make up employability and aims to develop awareness and the skills which will enhance young person’s chances of employment beyond school.

In the senior phase, work experience is developed on an individual basis with the focus on creating a bespoke solution which meets the needs of each pupil and their aspiration for their future career. This can take the form of in house options such as shadowing in subjects they wish to take on in further education to external work placements with a relevant business in the industry they wish to eventually have a career.

Since each solution is unique, the type of commitment varies also. It can be from carrying out work experience during school for whole periods, to block days out, to a block week out, both in school term and holiday time to after school arrangements with local partner agencies.

We will always ensure that parents are kept fully informed of any arrangements that are made.